New Partner

Comexi – leading supplier to the flexible packaging converters industry – joins R-Cycle

Comexi joined the R-Cycle consortium. The specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting industry is already working in a pilot project for high-quality recycling of flexible pouches together with R-Cycle partner Reifenhäuser. The project was started by selecting two different film recipes for two different pouch types, both based on PE raw materials only (mono material). This makes them much better to recycle than PE/PET laminates that are in common use today. The film is produced on a Reifenhäuser EVO Ultra Stretch blown-film line. Film conversion (printing and lamination) takes place at Comexi. The collaboration intends to demonstrate that harnessing the R-Cycle concept can optimize the recycling process by storing recycling-relevant production data and affixing a digital watermark on packaging to retrieve the information. This ensures a precise sorting in the recycling process in order to produce pure and high quality recyclates.

R-Cycle follows the approach to trace plastic along the entire value chain – from the raw materials to the final consumer packaging getting recycled. Comexi is positioned practically in the middle of this life cycle and will therefore use R-Cycle data for its own further processing as well as supplement the data itself.

Jordi Sahun, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer of Comexi, explains: “A part of Comexi’s vision is to turn the flexible packaging print and conversion industry into an environmentally sustainable industry. R-Cycle gives us the opportunity to play an active role in the development towards a functioning circular economy for plastic packaging.”

Dr. Benedikt Brenken, Director of the R-Cycle Initiative, adds: “It’s great to have Comexi on board as an R-Cycle consortium partner. Given the fact, we already developed an identifiable and fully recyclable All-PE Pouch within our R-Cycle pilot project, we are able to immediately intensify our activities from a profound common basis.”

Jordi Sahun, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer of Comexi.