How plastics can be used in a resource-saving way

Plastics have been the subject of environmental debate for some years now. But they are also high-performance and efficient materials that, not least, make our everyday lives safer. In the case of food, for example, plastic packaging ensures hygiene and shelf life, thus reducing food waste at the same time. Plastic is also a key material for the energy revolution, as its low weight saves CO2 when used as packaging on transport routes, among other things.

The current issue of the renowned German business newspaper “Handelsblatt” is therefore devoting an enclosed special supplement “Plastics – material of the future” to the question: How can plastics be used in a resource-saving way and, above all, recycled at the end of their life and reintroduced into the raw materials cycle? New technologies are presented that optimize the manufacturing process and improve recycling – such as R-Cycle (on page 7).

Supplement – Handelsblatt – „Plastic – Material of the Future“ (07.06.2021)